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Toxic Exposures

Businesses targeted by the toxic exposure plaintiff’s bar face unique threats that can, potentially, impair the financial viability of even the strongest companies. Often an effective response to such challenges is a seasoned legal team with the willingness, proven ability and professional relationships to try appropriate cases successfully to verdict—in often hostile jurisdictions—across the country.

Miles & Stockbridge enjoys a national reputation for top-tier and effective representation of manufacturers and distributors in complex—and, most particularly, “bet-the-company”—cases involving alleged exposures to a wide gamut of dangerous materials or constituents, including asbestos, mold, benzene, lead, nickel, formaldehyde, chlorine, VOCs and PCBs.

Considering the critical nature of such matters to the success and survival of a client’s business, the firm’s team of lawyers develops and implements a coordinated, tailored legal strategy that focuses on both the short- and long-term needs of a client, always cognizant of the myriad public relations and marketing issues that can accompany such high-profile claims.

Whether dealing with a latent disease or direct exposure claim, Miles & Stockbridge’s lawyers have extensive experience in the investigative and discovery phases of litigation, meeting sometimes creative allegations with innovative and tenacious tactics. Our lawyers maintain an impressive network of experts who can provide trustworthy consultation and compelling testimony in the full range of relevant scientific disciplines.