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Electronic Discovery & Information Governance

The MILES eDISCOVERY TEAM: forward-thinking solutions for electronic discovery and information governance.

What We Do

The MILES eDISCOVERY TEAM counsels clients on eDiscovery issues in government investigations, internal investigations, and a wide range of state and federal civil litigation.  The team frequently presents at conferences and webinars, and publishes articles regarding eDiscovery topics.

Our approach is simple—we believe helping clients with eDiscovery solutions is a core competency for a trusted legal advisor and an opportunity to deliver valuable assistance, thoughtfully and efficiently guiding clients through the eDiscovery landscape.

Bringing Value in a Defensible Manner

We bring value to our clients on all eDiscovery projects because we focus on rigorous project management that promotes quality assurance through our customized eDiscovery project management platform.  Every aspect of each project is systematically tracked through all phases of the project lifecycle—beginning with the identification and preservation of data and ending with its production—creating an irrefutably defensible audit trail. 

Our Trusted Vendors

We have a group of qualified preferred technology industry vendors, each with their own array of specialized services, allowing us to support a suite of constantly evolving state-of-the-art eDiscovery capabilities, from technology-assisted review to legal process outsourcing.  With this capability, our lawyers focus on the legal, rather than technical, aspects of eDiscovery and clients benefit by the collaboration. 

We also empower clients to take control of the eDiscovery process by helping to design project management tools and workflows for as much of the eDiscovery lifecycle as a business wants to take on, including the vetting of vendors and partners for appropriate outsourcing.   

Document Preservation Counsel

Finally, we believe the backbone of eDiscovery readiness is common sense retention rules for documents and data, based not just on disk space or system considerations, but also on the fundamental questions of which documents and data need to be kept and for how long.  We help clients build real-world retention plans—including rules for e-mail—all with the goal of streamlining document retention and constructing a defensible eDiscovery process.