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Stock Option & Other Equity Compensation Programs

Miles & Stockbridge lawyers advise clients on best strategies to deal with accounting and corporate governance regulations that may affect their stock option and related equity compensation programs. We help them analyze the tax and accounting impacts, securities and corporate law requirements and motivational aspects involved with such programs as:

  • Annual performance-related stock bonus plans
  • Performance unit and performance share plans
  • Incentive stock option plans and non-qualified stock option plans
  • Phantom stock and stock appreciation rights plans
  • Restricted and junior stock plans

In addition to ongoing advice on compliance and administration of these plans, we also assist clients with special situations, such as corporate takeovers, which can involve complex equity compensation issues.  Our lawyers  help privately held growth companies draft plans to prepare for IPOs and public companies create or amend their stock option plans to preserve the intended economic and management benefits of stock options in such situations.  Here, as in all the counsel we offer regarding equity compensation plans, our goal is to help clients achieve their business objectives while remaining in compliance with applicable regulations.