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Human Resource Management

Miles & Stockbridge recognizes that an effective labor and employment law program doesn’t simply respond to challenges as they arise.  Our experienced lawyers counsel employers on proactive personnel practices and policies to minimize their exposure to employee complaints, governmental agency actions, and union-related problems.  The range of issues on which we advise is as broad as any company’s human resource function, and typically may include:

  • Whistleblower investigations;

  • Personnel policies and practices;

  • Workplace violence training;

  • Employee leave issues;

  • Discrimination counseling and investigations;

  • Labor relations training in union and nonunion settings;

  • Sexual harassment avoidance and identification;

  • Employment applications;

  • Employee handbooks;

  • Employment agreements and non-competition agreements;

  • Drug and alcohol policies;

  • Employee evaluation programs;

  • Supervisory training programs; and

  • Severance agreements.

By partnering closely with our clients’ in-house human relations and legal staffs, we encourage discussion and examination of day-to-day company events and related policies, developing customized solutions that enhance compliance with federal and state labor laws, minimize disputes with employees, avoid litigation when possible, and maximize every strategic advantage should litigation be necessary.

We help our clients proactively develop and monitor an overall employment strategy and process that addresses and complements their core objectives and values.  The foundation for our work is the creation of internal human resources policies and procedures that foster a positive working environment.  Our goal is to help clients minimize employee claims for discrimination, sexual and gender identity harassment, religious harassment, racial and ethnic harassment, unfair competition, wrongful termination, FLSA and state wage violations, and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Problem avoidance is our human resource management focus.  We advise clients daily regarding ongoing labor and employee relations matters such as disciplinary issues, sexual harassment concerns, hiring and orientation protocols, drug and alcohol problems, and equal employment opportunity requirements.  Additionally, we routinely assist clients with difficult issues relating to leave of absence policies, noncompetition agreements, work redesign, and reasonable accommodations questions.

Our lawyers make numerous on-site presentations to address timely and important workplace issues that managers face daily.  We provide information and insight tailored to the unique requirements of each company’s environment and culture with respect to:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity and affirmative action compliance; Family Medical Leave Act compliance;

  • Effective workplace investigations;

  • Labor relations and union avoidance; and

  • Sexual harassment investigations and remedies.

The goal of all our client counsel and guidance is to identify and clarify what the law requires and to help our clients adapt their policies and practices to prevent problems before they occur.