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ERISA Compliance, Fiduciary Responsibility & Plan Asset Management

Miles & Stockbridge employee benefits qualified pension and retirement plans, we advise ERISA fiduciaries regarding their duties to plan participants and for selecting and monitoring plan investments.  Because of our experience and familiarity with Department of Labor (DOL) prohibited transaction regulations, we are able to pursue individual prohibited transaction exemption rulings (PTEs) that allow our clients to proceed with benefit plan transactions and vigorously defend our clients against DOL claims alleging prohibited plan transactions.

While our primary emphasis is on ERISA compliance and avoiding problems with plan design and administration, we frequently defend plan sponsors, trustees, and administrators against alleged breaches of fiduciary duty or violations of plan provisions.  In administrative and trial proceedings, our benefits lawyers collaborate with Miles & Stockbridge litigation colleagues to:

  • Defend against claims of breach of fiduciary duty by plan administrators for allegedly improper plan management and misuse of plan funds;
  • Defend plans and employers against claims for pension, insurance, or disability benefits;
  • Defend against claims that arise from plan terminations; and
  • Prosecute plans’ claims against financial intermediaries in disputes concerning plan administration and use of plan assets.