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We have pushed through the looking glass. Technologies once confined to the imagination have become the everyday, permeating every facet of our lives. The availability and dissemination of digitized private and public information have forever changed how the world interacts and does business, enabling previously unknown conveniences, insights and efficiencies. This power, however, has created new and evolving challenges and dangers—the need for robust cybersecurity counsel has never been greater than it is today. Miles & Stockbridge is well-positioned to provide the wide-ranging insight businesses need to manage, enhance and advance cybersecurity policies and protocols. Just as digital data permeates everything we touch, the legal opportunities and challenges derived from its existence and evolution likewise permeate across many areas of legal focus, from corporate law to health care to privacy to intellectual property to insurance to labor & employment to government contracts—and beyond. Our team is deeply embedded in the technologies of today, and likewise invested in preparing for those of tomorrow.

Our cybersecurity strategy focuses on the provision of up-front risk assessment, issue identification, security plan development and verification, training, compliance, insurance protection, data privacy, and breach response planning to identify legal challenges before they become problems and aggressively take on problems if and when they do develop. Miles & Stockbridge has built a cybersecurity team to collaborate across multiple practices and engages outside industry consultants to create and test tailored security and breach plans for individual clients.  Our “full-court press” multi-perspective approach is designed to stress-test our cybersecurity and breach plans to help seal security gaps and fortify protection of critical data. Our team’s range of experience lets us be flexible enough to pivot with ever-changing, cutting-edge technologies. When the tech world reinvents itself in a blink, our strategy will be to bend rather than break. We can provide comprehensive cybersecurity services to the full range of users and keepers of digital data. Our cybersecurity experience and services include:

  • development of cybersecurity and breach response plans;
  • mergers & acquisitions, restructurings and other commercial and business-related trans-actions featuring providers of cybersecurity, cloud computing, data analytics, network engineering, geospatial applications, and software development services;
  • regulatory compliance and privacy law requirements including those specific to e-commerce and Internet-related areas;
  • federal and state trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection, as well as e-commerce and cyber-law matters;
  • government contract matters, compliance and technology licensing;
  • electronic health records, FINRA and HIPAA compliance and counseling; and
  • preparation and negotiation of transactional agreements including software licensing; implementation, integration, and hosting agreements; website terms and policies; online and mobile app services; private and data security agreements; and non-disclosure agreements.

We can also counsel and assist in obtaining cybersecurity-related services from outside providers including:

  • employee education, incident response, and triage;
  • internal investigations and digital forensics; and
  • cybersecurity insurance.