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Counseling for Strategic Intellectual Property Asset Management

Strategic Intellectual Property (IP) Management refers to proactively examining the relationship between IP and business with the goal of maximizing the value of IP. We help clients maximize their IP value by developing and implementing an internal IP management program. As a result, our lawyers become trusted IP counselors to our clients. We use a multi-step, structured process to assess and analyze a client’s IP portfolio to produce a truer picture of their technology as an asset—as well as to identify ways to grow and strengthen it.

Our IP management process includes the use of decision support tools such as IP landscape analysis, portfolio evaluation, cost estimating and budget forecasting. It further includes advanced patent searching and collection with evaluations and comments, to keep abreast of the latest technological developments. Our techniques are also applicable to due diligence for acquisitions based on the business strategy for a particular acquisition. In addition, they assist with invalidity and freedom-to-operate searches and opinions.

Miles & Stockbridge’s lawyers collaborate efficiently with the most sophisticated technology companies—but we also have the experience and knowledge to help small and medium-sized entity clients who are just beginning to establish IP management and operations. Our IP practice is unique in its ability to provide turnkey resources, including training material, operating procedure templates and decision support applications, to help clients progress quickly in the art of IP management.

As organizations evolve and discover new ways to leverage IP, they expect their lawyers to be informed about the best practices in IP strategy. Miles & Stockbridge strives to exceed expectations, combining our experience and knowledge with an understanding of how factors such as growth-phase, industry and organizational culture affect a client’s strategic choices. Leveraging our complete toolbox shortens the learning curve with respect to a client’s legal, business and technical issues, enabling us to respond efficiently to novel IP challenges and create effective proactive strategies.

In all of our services, Miles & Stockbridge’s IP lawyers are aggressive partners dedicated to helping our clients grow from a strong foundation. We work hard to ensure that individual IP assets and IP portfolios are properly developed and positioned for market advantage and revenue maximization. Because we understand the complex interaction between business, technology and the law, we offer every client the effective intellectual property evaluation, protection, exploitation and enforcement that is crucial to survival and success in the 21st century business world.