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Health Care

Health care and the myriad complex, highly regulated issues surrounding all its moving parts are not only ubiquitous in the modern public consciousness, but likewise touch virtually every corner of the business world in one way or another. Health care is not just an above-the-fold concern, but pervasive in boardrooms and courtrooms across the country.

At Miles & Stockbridge, lawyers working out of our health care practice advise clients on issues involving employee benefits, labor relations, Affordable Care Act compliance, patient care, ethics, Medicaid and Medicare issues, compliance and privacy and HIPAA issues—all to provide guidance in how to navigate the minefield that is health care regulation in a constantly evolving business. We are well-versed in the acquisition of practices, mergers and the financing of these projects.

Our collaborative team approach employs seasoned attorneys experienced in the art of negotiating favorable agreements to facilitate smooth transactions for clients. Owners and operators of health care practices turn to Miles & Stockbridge because our objective is to not only meet client needs, but exceed them, helping achieve the most sought-after business goals.

Our health care industry clients include hospitals, insurers, vendors and nursing and assisted living facilities as well as providers, employers, pharmaceutical companies and various adjunct small and large businesses—across the board, Miles & Stockbridge has earned a reputation for successfully helping clients thrive in this highly regulated environment.  The health care team is constructed around the talents and experience of lawyers from across the firm’s various practice areas, such as tax, mergers and acquisitions, labor and employment, real estate and other disciplines. Our broad and deep reach in the health care industry goes far in helping ensure that our clients have a positive outcome in their matters and transactions.