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Suspension & Debarment

Representing and counseling clients suspended from government contracting or proposed for debarment can involve conducting an independent investigation of the facts giving rise to the suspension or proposed debarment, representation of the client before the agency's suspension and debarment authority and working diligently with the client to reverse the significant effect of such government actions on the company's business operations.

Because debarment actions often are initiated by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) for alleged violations of wage-and-hour laws or labor and employment statutes, the knowledge and capabilities of Miles & Stockbridge’s employment law lawyers are a strong and significant resource for our clients in responding to such allegations.

We also counsel clients regarding implementation of effective compliance programs designed to prevent compliance problems and establish their "present responsibility." Increasingly, we counsel clients about initiation of early communications with suspension and debarment officials to discuss "best practices" and the adequacy of the clients' compliance programs.