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Environment & Energy

Miles & Stockbridge provides practical, innovative and effective solutions to complex environmental and energy issues.  Whether such issues involve defending regulatory enforcement matters and orders; day-to-day compliance counseling; due diligence for the acquisition or divesture of businesses or properties; understanding and limiting environmental liability risks; cost recovery and/or contribution claims for remediation costs; or the development of energy-related  projects,  Miles & Stockbridge has seasoned and experienced attorneys, who understand both the laws and our clients’ business goals, to guide clients to satisfactory resolutions.   

Environmental and energy matters handled by the firm arise from the ever changing regulatory laws and policies governing energy, the protection of human health and the environment, work place safety, natural resources and product safety.  

Our practical approaches to problems include the negotiation of agency settlement agreements or consent orders; clarification of agency positions or interpretations on compliance or permitting issues or questions; issuance of opinion letters; issuance of agency site status letters, comfort letters, certificates of completion or no further action determinations to limit liability under state Brownfields and remediation programs; and voluntary disclosure of non-compliance under EPA and state audit policies for penalty mitigation.  Miles & Stockbridge’s lawyers have both litigation and regulatory experience to bring insightful and a comprehensive understanding to the ramifications of our clients’ decisions, and to pursue and/or defend our clients’ interests, when necessary.  

The Miles & Stockbridge Environment & Energy Practice represents national and local clients in diverse sectors, including the energy; manufacturing; real estate, housing, multi-housing and property management; construction; finance and banking; medical; and food service food service industries.

The Firm practices before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and its Administrative Law Judges, the Environmental Appeals Board, Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, analogous state and local agencies, state public service commissions, and state preservation and historic trust commissions and agencies, and maintains effective, respectful working relationships with regulators.