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Debtor Representation

Miles & Stockbridge represents financially distressed clients facing substantial creditor demands. We help clients assess a broad range of options, taking into account each company’s unique financial and market circumstances. If seeking relief through the bankruptcy code is the client’s decision, we use our substantial experience in debtor, as well as creditor, representation to weigh the options and recommend the best choice between reorganization and liquidation.

A key aspect of our debtor representation is our understanding when it may be appropriate to maintain operations while an asset sale or reorganization proceeds. We assist clients with issues such as:

  • Securing temporary bridge loans
  • Renegotiating vendor and customer agreements, and
  • Engaging investment bankers to help evaluate options. 

Through our extensive network of contacts, we are able to identify senior executives with experience in company turnarounds and consultants who can effectively analyze the client’s financial condition and develop an efficient and effective asset sale plan.

Miles & Stockbridge also represents individuals in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases who do not qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 because their income or debt level is too high.  We work closely with the individual in preparing and filing the Chapter 11 petition, navigating the legal process, and working to obtain confirmation of an equitable plan.  Like other bankruptcy matters, an individual Chapter 11 case presents unique and complicated issues, and our lawyers effectively analyze, develop and implement an efficient strategy for our clients.