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Tax-Deferred Plans for Governments & Non-Profit Organizations

State and local governmental units and non-profit organizations are subject to unique legal requirements and financing constraints for the funding of tax-deferred pension and retirement savings plans. Miles & Stockbridge employee benefits lawyers are familiar with the specialized and often more restrictive tax laws that apply to such plans, and regularly advise on their documentation and certification. Key areas of our practice focus include:

  • 403(b) and Similar Tax-sheltered Annuity Plans. We work with governments and non-profit employers and their consultants to ensure that the matching contributions these plans provide and the annuity or mutual fund investments they require meet all legal standards.
  • Section 457 deferred compensation plans for employees of governments and non-profit organizations, in which contributions and earnings are exempt from income tax. Because these plans can offer significant deferral opportunities, non-profits can also use them to help attract and retain senior managers.
  • Church pension plans, which are generally exempt from ERISA. We work with churches to ensure that they meet all applicable legal requirements.