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Global Sourcing

Companies often look to forming strategic alliances for cost-efficient business growth and development.   These relationships frequently require complex negotiation and documentation, for example, when a business wants to outsource a range of technology-enabled services and business processes critical to its business operations. 

Miles & Stockbridge lawyers understand that the tone of the alliance formation negotiation can set the tone of the future relationship; the agreement is merely the beginning of a complex and evolving relationship that often involves interactions within multiple levels of an organization.  When they succeed, sourcing relationships can enable an enterprise to access skilled personnel and state of the art technology it might not otherwise afford, freeing up valuable internal resources.  Because sourcing partners often interact with customers and new distribution channels, a successful relationship is crucial.

Miles & Stockbridge lawyers invest the time and energy to know their clients well and negotiate successful strategic sourcing transactions, both domestic and offshore, from information technology to business processes to business transformation.   

Our outsourcing experience provides a practical framework upon which we base our outsourcing advice to clients. Although not necessarily falling within the traditional category of “legal” issues, we counsel clients knowledgeably regarding milestone strategies, service level commitments, transitioning and best practices. 

Most importantly, we understand that each client has unique goals and needs that must be addressed and may require innovations that go beyond commonly used outsourcing models.