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Corporate Finance

Advising clients on the legal and business issues involved with raising capital is both a core strength and valuable utility of Miles & Stockbridge's corporate and securities transactions counsel. Our lawyers represent a diverse range of corporate clients in registered public offerings and the issuance of securities that are exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933. We assist issuers and underwriters with initial and secondary public offerings and with significant public offerings of debt and equity securities. We also represent issuers and placement agents of securities sold in private placements.

In each transaction, we conscientiously consider the client's individual capital needs and utilize our extensive financial institution resources to assist in the underwriting process before advising on the structure,  tax considerations, regulatory approval and placement of the issues themselves.

Crucial elements of our advice on capital-raising transactions are providing clients with our informed business perspective on their total capital needs and financial structure and helping them to determine whether their needs are most appropriately met by equity, debt, private placements, commercial loans or letters of credit. For immediate funding requirements, we are often able to identify appropriate underwriters and sources of private equity (including investment banks and venture capital firms), advise on the funding requirements of sophisticated investors and help prepare our clients to meet these benchmarks.

Miles & Stockbridge’s corporate and securities lawyers identify if a public offering is more appropriate for our client needs, and help our clients achieve their business objectives while complying with applicable US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing requirements.  We assist with the underwriting process and enable ongoing compliance with disclosure rules.  For Clients considering a public offering, but not yet ready to undertake one, we proactively analyze their overall governance and financial structure to help enable the company to meet the scrutiny of investors and regulators.

Miles & Stockbridge’s preeminent commercial finance practice is well-suited to advise clients on which type of credit facility is the most appropriate capital source for their purposes and to integrate credit instruments with a company's equity structure. Our commercial banking industry contacts often enable us to perform a matchmaking role between lenders and potential borrowers. Because capital is a borderless commodity, we are able to identify sources of offshore capital where appropriate (including offshore hedge funds), and  advise on relevant regulatory and reporting requirements.