Take It or Leave It: The Rise of Outsourcing Leave Administration

Date: 1Q 2019

Publication: ACC Baltimore Newsletter

Baron_Hall_collage_3-5-19_Facebook-LinkedIn.jpgFMLA. ADA. PTO – the acronyms alone are enough to make your head spin, much less the administration of required leave laws. Employers need accurate and consistent execution of leave policies, sometimes across multiple corporate locations nationwide, and it has become ever more difficult for employers to keep up and comply with changing federal, state and local leave regulations. As a result, the number of employers outsourcing leave management and related functions to third-party administrators (TPAs) is rapidly growing as a cost-effective and efficient alternative to internal management of such benefits. While FMLA is the most common type of leave outsourced by employers today, companies are increasingly outsourcing the administration of other forms of leave, including short- and long-term disability leave, ADA leave as an accommodation, employee assistance programs, group health, workers’ compensation time, paid sick and parental leave, and military, personal and bereavement leave.

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