Department of Health and Human Services: HIPAA Violation Maximum Penalties Update

Date: 05 / 02 / 19

Publication: M&S Industry Alert

On Friday, April 26, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a notice regarding maximum penalties for HIPAA violations. HHS has now stated that it is exercising its discretion in how it applies the assessment of Civil Money Penalties under HIPAA. Specifically, HHS is changing the maximum annual limits for violations of an identical privacy or security requirement. Under the Enforcement Rule adopted by HHS pursuant to the HITECH Act in 2013, the maximum annual penalty per violation was $1.5M regardless of culpability. HHS has now indicated that a “better reading” of the HITECH Act is to apply new maximum penalties tied to culpability, as shown in the table below.


*Annual cap applies for violations of an identical privacy or security requirement.

HHS also indicated that it expects to engage in further rulemaking to revise the penalty tiers in the current regulations based on this reading of the statute.

This alert was written by Lisa Keenan and Robert Wells, lawyers in the Health Care practice group at Miles & Stockbridge.

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