Breached or Soon to be Breached . . . Plan Anyway (Part 3)

Date: 09 / 6 / 18

Type: Press Coverage

Headshot_0038_Cohen_Michelle_E_144.jpgUnderstanding and managing the risks associated with the changing world of data security, and being prepared for breaches and how to respond, have become business necessities. This three-part series, based in part on a presentation given by Michele L. Cohen, a principal with the law firm Miles & Stockbridge P.C. at Trellance’s immersion 2018 conference, outlines the balancing act between convenience and data, and provides a framework for preparing for breaches and what actions to take in response. Part 1 focused on what is at risk; what causes breaches, and the fact that breaches are inevitable. Part 2 focused on planning and preparing documentation for the inevitable. This Part 3, will explore three areas that require special attention: the legal considerations regarding breach notification; the contracts an organization has with vendors who have access to data; and having the right insurance coverage.

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