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Double Fatality Case

A double fatality case from Washington County, Maryland, involving two children killed in a fire was mediated by an experienced lawyer and mediator in our firm at the request of the Circuit Court in Washington County. The circuit court judges were co...

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Mediation Successfully Concluded

A case brought to our firm involved a 12-year-old boy who was killed while walking home from a karate class. The boy stepped off a curb onto a busy highway into the path of a moving vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was a teenage girl, who herself s...

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Successful Mediation in an Accident Case

Another case involved the death of a young man who was killed in an accident that occurred at the scene of the reconstruction of the intersection of two highways. The mediation caused tremendous distress for the parents and for everyone else involved...

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Construction Defects

Our firm was brought in to handle a case involving the victim of a bike accident. A racer was seriously injured when he found himself stuck in a gap in a grated bridge that spanned two counties. The case involved alleged construction defects in the b...

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Contingency Fee Case

We handled a case involving a dispute between two law firms with respect to the fees claimed to be due from the successive representation of a plaintiff in a contingency fee case. Disputes existed between the original firm and the successor firm as t...

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Safety Improvements from Vehicle Accident

Mediation was the chosen method for a case involving a fatal accident of a 16-year-old girl who was operating a vehicle when she was broadsided by a truck. The matter, which involved heart-wrenching expressions of emotion, was successfully mediated t...

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