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Excellence as a one-off is not excellenceit is a happy accident.

Social_Impact_Report-thumbnails-edit2.jpgAt the law firm of Miles & Stockbridge, our clients and colleagues are the heart of the matter. We solve problems, with passion, because to us it’s personal. We go the extra mile.

To that end, unrivaled service—to our clients, to our communities—is a baseline, not a goal. Our core values—excellence, integrity, respect, compassion, diversity and teamwork—exist not as abstract initiatives, but a way of life. The more than 230 lawyers who drive our firm understand firsthand the value of these tenets and the dedication it takes to maintain them. We’ve strategically placed the right people in the right positions across the mid-Atlantic region to best serve the local, national and global interests of those we represent. 

In an industry built on precedent, we pride ourselves on our ability to look ahead, innovate and provide creative solutions that proactively help our clients navigate the shifting legal and regulatory landscapes of the world. Our full-service bench brings to the table a wealth of legal acumen second to none, which affords us the flexibility to tailor our insight to the universal range of clients—big and small, new and established, the leaders of today and those of tomorrow—in need of sophisticated, top-level legal advice and representation. And we care; at Miles & Stockbridge, we take our clients and results personally, both fiercely loyal and fiercely dedicated to making a positive impact in our clients’ businesses and lives.

Collectively, we take that passion into our neighborhoods, serving the communities in which we practice, our name long associated with a wide range of pro bono, diversity and public service endeavors. We collaborate with local nonprofits and community efforts to effect positive change wherever we can shine a light, wherever we find someone in need.

We embody the truth that a more diverse firm is a stronger firm. Colleagues with viewpoints informed by significantly different perspectives are essential to solving our clients’ legal challenges, just as diverse leadership within the firm invariably leads to richer and better results.

Excellence as a one-off is not excellence—it is a happy accident. Miles & Stockbridge knows that making the exceptional an everyday experience for anyone that walks through our doors is what separates not just a great firm from the good ones, but the best from the simply great.

That’s going the extra mile.

Value The Miles Way