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Miles & Stockbridge’s immigration practice is an important element of our longstanding commitment to our clients.  Our dedicated immigration team focuses on business immigration, helping U.S. employers hire and retain highly skilled foreign employees, including managers and executives, engineers, IT professionals, financial and accounting professionals, and other professionals in business, medicine, and technology that strengthen their workforce and enable them to stay competitive.  Our work helps American businesses and organizations thrive, especially in communities and industries where there is a critical shortage of skilled workers and professionals.

We advise businesses on managing their Form I-9 and H-1B record programs to enable compliance and prepare for government audits.  We also provide representation to companies involved in worksite enforcement actions, which have increased dramatically in recent years.  Our immigration lawyers are nationally recognized for their experience and are in high demand as faculty for seminars on the changes in immigration law and the workplace.

We provide necessary legal services for all types of visas, immigrant (permanent) and non-immigrant (temporary), and assist permanent residents in becoming naturalized US citizens.  While our practice focuses on employment-based immigration services, we also provide family-based immigration services for relatives of U.S. citizens and permanent residents

As immigration lawyers, we must be astute business people, as well.  We invest time in understanding our clients’ business objectives and craft immigration strategies that reflect and advance their objectives.  We go beyond the quick and easy legal fix for pressing immigration concerns to find thoughtful solutions that satisfy our clients’ immediate legal needs without compromising their long-term business goals.  That might mean seeking a temporary visa that is harder to obtain initially, in order to streamline the process of obtaining permanent residence status later.  Or it could mean counseling clients on how to structure visa petitions to anticipate future changes in job duties or relocation, thus reducing the need for amendments and facilitating green cards for long-term employees.

We help business clients navigate through the labyrinth of government agencies involved with immigration services and enforcement, including agencies within the Departments of Homeland Security, Labor, State, and Justice.  Miles & Stockbridge’s strong emphasis on client service is particularly important in our immigration practice—an area of law that is both complex and intimidating.  We understand how to meet the needs of human resources, management, and individual employees and lift the burden of dealing with federal bureaucracies to allow our clients to focus on the day-to-day work they do best.

The services we provide are distinctly different from that of boutique immigration law firms that take an “assembly line” approach to these cases, essentially requiring massive amounts of data entry by clients and strictly limiting attorney–client contact.  At many such firms, when the client receives an approval notice for a non-immigrant visa petition from USCIS they are then left to fend for themselves at U.S. consulates and ports of entry.  At Miles & Stockbridge, we recognize that winning petition approval is only part of the job, especially in a time of heightened scrutiny of foreign nationals entering the United States.  Missteps or lack of preparation can lead qualified employees with pre-approved petitions stranded abroad for months.

We provide comprehensive follow-up and work to resolve any difficulties that could impede the successful completion of the visa process.  We prepare non-citizen employees for consular interviews and port of entry inspections with visa applications and location-specific instructions on procedures and timing, advice regarding which documents to have ready, and what sort of questions to expect.  After entry to the United States, we assist with obtaining spousal employment authorization, available in some cases and often a crucial element in attracting foreign professionals to work in the United States.

We have worked in nearly every state in the country, representing businesses and foreign nationals from around the world and providing expedited and comprehensive services at every stage.  As part of a full-service law firm, our lawyers draw on the firm’s experience in numerous other areas of law that may be required by our clients.  For instance, we can advise foreign national clients and their U.S. employers on tax issues affecting individuals and corporate entities.  Through our membership in TerraLex®, a worldwide network of independent law firms, and our contacts with law firms around the world, we can provide clients with access to local counsel to handle out-bound immigration issues for expatriate employees.