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Counseling for Strategic Patent Assets Management

Intellectual Property plays an increasingly central role in organizations as a tool to inform and further strategic goals. It also becomes a currency in corporate transactions. The concomitant need for intellectual asset managers to cross technical, marketing, financial and operational boundaries is mirrored in the "no boundaries" culture at Miles & Stockbridge. Lawyers performing prosecution, litigation, corporate and transactional work are teamed, leveraging our knowledge to educate each other and our clients, as well as provide a true multi-disciplinary perspective.

Strategic IP Management refers to the cross-disciplinary rubric of intellectual asset managers (IAM), whose specialty is the relationship between intellectual property (IP) and business and whose job function is to maximize the value of IP.  

Miles and Stockbridge lawyers possess unsurpassed knowledge of the legal aspects of IP to work efficiently with the IAM partners of the most sophisticated technology companies.  But our group also has the experience and knowledge to help mid-sized and smaller (SME) clients who are just beginning to establish IP management, operations and expertise.  In fact, our IP Practice is unique in its ability to provide turnkey resources, including training material, operating procedure templates, and decision support applications to help clients progress quickly in the art of IP management.

As organizations evolve and discover new ways to leverage IP, they expect their lawyers to be informed about the best practices in IP strategy. Miles & Stockbridge strives to exceed expectations, combining our experience with and knowledge of IP management practices with an understanding of how factors, such as growth-phase, industry and organizational culture, affect a client’s strategic choices. Leveraging our industry and business experience with our legal expertise shortens the learning curve with respect to a client’s legal, business and technical issues, enabling us to respond efficiently to unexpected IP issues and create effective proactive strategies.

Miles & Stockbridge IP Group business perspective helps in all aspects of counseling and prosecution. We offer the full range of services in support of our clients’ efforts to use patents strategically and to minimize the risk of law suits.  Miles & Stockbridge helps businesses around the world maximize the strategic value of their innovations in all areas of technology and science. Our attorneys are experienced in the procurement, management and maximization of the value of intellectual property (IP) through transactions that involve IP of all types, including trade secrets, patents, trademarks, and copyright, as well as those involving the Internet, e-commerce, corporate and secured transactions, computer law, technology transfer, licensing and related services. Our lawyers understand and work with complex technologies in all disciplines.

Our lawyers have advanced degrees and proficiency in demanding technical areas and many have significant experience as researchers, engineers and scientists. Among us are former examiners from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and Administrative Patent Judges. Several of our lawyers are so highly regarded for their patent prosecution knowledge that they are sought-after expert witnesses. Some are even inventors themselves with U.S. and foreign patents.
In all of our services, Miles & Stockbridge IP lawyers are proactive and aggressive partners who help our clients grow. We work hard to ensure that patents and patent portfolios are properly developed and positioned for market advantage and revenue maximization. Because we understand the complex interaction between business, technology and the law, we offer to every client the effective intellectual property evaluation, protection, exploitation and enforcement that is crucial to the survival and success of their business.